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Sterling Family Tree--Book 1    Lindsay's Turn

Can a heart heal from the ultimate betrayal?


Infidelity only happens to wives who aren't paying attention to their husbands' needs. At least that's what Lindsay Sterling always thought. An affair would never happen in her marriage. She has the ideal life. Two beautiful sons. A devoted husband. A rock solid marriage like the ones they write love songs about. Then Lindsay's idyllic world is shattered when she learns her husband had an affair during a business trip.


Her life has become a cliche.  


How can Lindsay recover from the ultimate betrayal and rebuild her marriage? Does she even want to? Just when she thinks her life can't get any worse, she learns Chas's affair resulted in the birth of a child. Lindsay's heart is filled with bitterness. She hates Chas, and she hates the child he created with another woman. How God expect her to forgive? How can he expect her to welcome this child--the embodiment of her pain--into her home?


Cheater, Cheater is the first installment in the Sterling Family Tree series of contemporary short stories. Sterling Family Tree is a series of stories celebrating love, family, and redemption. 




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