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Jenna's Creek Series

The story behind the story:

People always say nothing ever happens in a small town. My answer to that statement is; "If you believe that, you're just not paying attention."


I grew up way back in the 1970's in a small southern Ohio town, much like Jenna's Creek. I was a quiet kid who the adults often forgot was around. Consequently, they told a lot of good gossip within my hearing. Even then, I wanted to know the story behind the scandal--how much was real and how much was rumor. I started making up my own stories that would come out the way I wanted them to. 


When Streams of Mercy, the first Jenna's Creek Novel, was little more than an idea rattling around in my head, I saw a road sign near Manchester, Ohio that read: Isaac's Creek. It was the perfect name for a town, except I liked Jenna better. At that moment Jenna's Creek, Ohio was founded and soon populated with a menagerie of interesting and colorful residents. Residents hiding a lot of secrets. 


I love Jenna's Creek and feel as though it truly is my hometown. My hope is that readers will feel as much at home there as I do, and see aspects of their communities in Jenna's Creek too.


A special thanks to everyone who has taken the time to tell me how much the Jenna's Creek series, with all its scandals and secrets, has meant to you. You are the reason I write. Whether you're visiting Jenna's Creek, Ohio for the first time or feel like a lifelong resident as I do, welcome. Put your feet up and sit a spell. Get to know the genuine, down-home residents and enjoy your visit. Don't be a stranger now, you hear.



On the day of her father's funeral, seventeen-year-old Jamie Steele discovers he was once the prime suspect in the disappearace and possible murder on an old girlfriend. Only the lack of evidence--chiefly the missing woman's body--kept him from going to prison for a crime everyone in their small town believes he committed.  The more Jamie discovers about the twenty-five-year old disappearance of Sally Blake, the more convinced she becomes her father was involved. She must learn the truth, even if it means destroying what's left of her memories of him. 


"The first book in the Jenna's Creek Series is a mystery which takes hold of readers at the outset and doesn't let go until the end. Told from a Christian worldview, Streams of Mercy examines how hard it sometimes is to love people who aren't easy to love, and forgive those who don't deserve it."

As far as Jamie Steele can see, there's not a cloud on the horizon. She is finally at peace with the memories of her parents. She's ready to begin her college career. Her boyfriend Jason Collier is attending las school at the same university. Just when life couldn't get any better, Jason makes an announcement that will change her life forever. 


Abilgail Blackwood's entire life has been a masquerade. When tragedy strikes, she realizes the secret she safeguarded for twenty years isn't as well kept as she thinks. She will stop at nothing to protect what she has left, even it if means destroying the life of the one she wants to protect the most. 


Two women who share nothing more than love for one man. When their lives are shaken and faith tested beyond what either can imagine, will they trust God? Or will foolish pride drive them to take matters into their own hands?

A murder conviction sent Sally Blake's killer to prison. Nearly thirty years after that fateful night, a phone call from a potential witness may prove the wrong person is serving time for the crime. But what would drive someone to plead guilty to another man's crime? Noel Wyatt enlists teh help of a young attorney and David Davis, the retired judge who once prosecuted the case to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. If an eewitnes exists, where has he been for the last forty years? Is it possible the killer did not act alone? Is that person covering up for the real killer? What evidence does the eyewitness have that might overthrow a murder conviction? Will justice come too late for the person convicted of Sally Blake's murder? 

The day before Jamie Steele's wedding, tragedy strikes, forcing her to postpone the wedding. He intended groom Eric Blackwood goes to Chicago without her for an externship with a pharmaceutical company. When the externship is extended and the wedding pushed further back, Jamie wonders if she'll ever get married. 


When Eric finally returns in time for the holidays, nothing is the same. Eric never wanted to go to Chicago without Jamie, but he couldn't pass up the opportunity of a lifetime. Now that he's home the differences between them seem to have multiplied. Can they reconcile their differences and go back to planning a future together? Or are they better off realizing they were never meant to be before it's too late?

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